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Like the deer that yearns
for running streams,
so my soul is yearning
for you, my God
- Psalm 42
  The old pond;
 A frog jumps in, --
The sound of the water.
- Basho            
  You are in our midst
O Lord,
your name we bear...
- Jeremiah 14:9a
  I shall ask the Father/Mother,
and you will be given another Advocate
to be with you forever,
that Spirit of truth
whom the world can never receive
since the world neither sees nor knows it;
but you know it,
because it is with you, it is in you.
-- John 14:16-17                     

Silence and water, water and silence
a meeting-brook where all “other” come near,

come to the edge, look in, look across
listen carefully, --  let fingers touch

the flowing presence, the moving call within.
Step in, step over, step through – it is your name

sounding welcome to all you have been & are now;
sipping water, resting a while, setting down burden.

You are attentive presence, root silence,
transparent service.  You come to meet

What-Is-Called-God: …Sound dripping wet
the Sacred Silence of Love-Itself.   No other!






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