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Meetingbrook Bookshop & Bakery

A Place of Collation and Recollection at Camden Harbor

MEETINGBROOK Bookshop & Bakery began 29 June1996. It is housed in a small cape built in the 1700s & moved to its current harbor location, 50 Bayview Street, Camden Maine, 04843 (next to The Waterfront Restaurant).

With summer harbor patio and winter roundtable & fireplace we offer a quiet place with hot chocolate, tea & coffee on the house.

MEETINGBROOK is a place of hospitality bringing individuals together in conversation, reflection, & nourishment. The shop includes: - new, remaindered, and used Books specializing in Philosophy, Spirituality, World Religions & Scriptures, Contemplative Meditative traditions East/West, Poetry, Prayer, Art, Ecology, Nature, Myth & Folklore.

Our Bakery retails muffins, pastries, cakes, pies, Tortes and strudel, cookies, soups, bread & other delights, coffees, teas. - We also have Art - icons, religious articles, paintings, sculpture, Music - CDs & cassettes of chant, sacred, classical, folk, voice & instrument of many cultures and traditions, Tapes lectures, books on tape, videos to purchase or rent, and Magazines. 

Both Bakery and Bookshop will do special orders.

Our Intent...is to carry a diverse collection of thoughtful literature encouraging ecumenical, interfaith, inter-religious dialogue for those on traditional or non-traditional spiritual paths -- and be a resource for those considering anew their personal exploration and experience. We will invite local and visiting thinkers and practitioners to present their thoughts and work  in art or craft, poetry, spirituality, science, music, design, and other recollections of inspiration. We have scheduled events Tuesday through Friday evenings from 5:30pm-6:30pm.

We'd like your books...
It is our hope to fill our small shop with a wonderfully large collection of new, remaindered, and used books, including children's books. We know you have books no longer receiving attention and time, books others will be delighted to read. We'd love donations of your used books that fall within our niche. We'd accept them as gifts for the Hermitage library or for store credit.

In Summary: Help us create a resource place of hospitality, reflection and conversation. As lay contemplatives interested in practicing the heart of  monastic spirituality in both marketplace and hermitage, we are rooted in Catholic contemplative and Zen mindfulness traditions. We practice between these traditions and welcome the spiritual insights of other traditions on the sacredness of creation, gifts of nature, and care of all sentient beings, the life of God at center. We look forward to meeting many individuals & paths.

Meetingbrook encourages each to engage in a profound and hospitable practice in the solitude of your heart & in the community of your home neighborhood. We wish you life-within-God, mindfulness, & peace! Come visit or write and participate in Meetingbrook’s ongoing creation.


1. “For everyone who asks, receives; and the one who seeks, finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.” (Matt.8:7)
2. “When we are in touch with the highest spirit in ourselves, we too are a Buddha, filled with the Holy Spirit, and we become very tolerant, very open, very deep, and very understanding." - Thich Nhat Hanh Living Buddha, Living Christ
3. The Thin Place, -- “between prayer & politics, work & worship, secular & sacred” – is where we seek the “rebuilding of the common life.” - (George MacLeod, founder of The Iona Community)

With gratitude,
William Halpin & Saskia Huising 



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Meetingbrook Hermitage
64 Barnstown Rd.,
Camden, Maine USA 04843
Meetingbrook Bookshop & Bakery
50 Bayview St. (Cape on the harbor)
Camden, Maine USA 04843
e-mail: mono@meetingbrook.org

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