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September 1999
Hermitage Update:

On Monday 13Sept1999, the feast of St. John Chrysostom, we received notification that our application for a 501c3 tax exempt non-profit educational status was approved by the IRS. Effective date reverts to the original filing in the State of Maine, July 1998.
So many have already helped us on our way to establishing the Meetingbrook Dogen and Francis Hermitage, and many others have been waiting for this tax-exempt non-profit status to come about for the purpose of further support. We can share our gratitude with all who've been generous to us by recognizing their gifts as tax deductible contributions.

We are pleased and grateful for this news.

This will help in our gathering of resources to convert the barn, build the chapel, and attain the land next to ours, as well as being able to receive a donated boat for further sailing retreats on Penobscot Bay and her islands.

The oft played Liturgy of St John Chrysostom by the Down East Singers will remind us of this delightful new opportunity to continue the work of the hermitage.

September 1999 Update, 
Dogen & Francis Hermitage

     Two artists, Robert and Su.Sane, staying at the Hermitage have painted several colorful and wondrous doors and panels for the upcoming 1st Annual Hildegaard Musik Fest to be held Friday 17Sept99, 5:30-8:30pm. (They have also done wonderful tasks like cleaning the barn and the bakery storage room.) This Musik Fest on the feast day of Hildegaard will be an evening of live music, words, art, and food. Many have said they'd play and sing and prepare food for the gathering which will also serve to note the beginning of Meetingbrook Dogen & Francis  Hermitage. 

    In addition to Silent Sittings (held Tuesday thru Saturday at 7:05am) we have begun morning prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours each of these five mornings at 6:30am.

    Our application to become an educational tax exempt organization continues with a second response to the federal reviewer. I love the suggestion by our reviewer that we might best be categorized as "vocational."

    We continue to pray for those in need of prayer. Suddenly, my sister Patricia's name is there, with a cancer diagnosis. We pray for light, love, peace, grace, and freedom from anything that might inhibit the path to God's felt presence, for her and for all enroute this life.

    The autumn sounds of crickets and fledged and strong barn swallows and rosy breasted grosbeaks are heard in the late afternoon slant of sunlight. We are each blessed.

 Greet God,



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