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August 1999 Update
Meetingbrook Dogen & Francis Hermitage

 The first all day retreat was held July 28. Hugh Curran led “Meaningful Work - A Zen Practice” at the Camden Library and at the Hermitage. Work, mindfully, was done spreading gravel, pruning walking meditation paths, scraping and painting prayer benches, and laying out string and boards for the meditation hall.

At days end the corner pole was set in place in its hole atop written sentiments of awareness and affirmation from the retreat participants.

Two more all day Crossing Borders - Creating congruity in life, work, play, and silence retreats will occur in August:
“Gratitude” with Regina Sara Ryan on 11 Aug.; and 
“Moving with Awareness” with Buck O’Herin and Lisa Newcomb on 25 Aug..

We have received donations of a Xerox machine, a desk, books, and labor from several friends. The building of the meditation hall will continue through the month.

Visitors from Georgia set up green tent and settle in for a stay while looking for a place to rent. Morning meditations carry on with panting dogs on red rug, a meowing cat newly allowed out to dooryard. Silent humans sit on their cushions as a reassuringly still and silent Bald Mountain sits outside Barnestown window. The side by side Buddha and Madonna/Child Icon watch over the room.

Saskia sails from Camden harbor several times a week giving people the chance learn the skill or to feel the gift of sailing. Friends from away return to say hello at the bookshop/bakery pleased that we’re still here, as are we.

These summer days are hot. We continue to ponder the silence and solitude Dietrich Bonhoeffer writes about when he says: “The mark of solitude is silence, as speech is the mark of community. Silence and speech have the same inner correspondence and difference as do solitude and community. One does not exist without the other. Right speech comes out of silence, and right silence comes out of speech….”

Our hearts and minds hold each and all gratefully in our learning to speak with silence, and learning to be alone with others. 




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